Thursday, May 23, 2013

How I really feel about Facebook

I think we have all been there, where you see all the exciting stuff that people post pictures of, or talk about. Then you sit and start to question your self, Am I living a exciting life? Then there is the comparing one life against another with of course judgment of your own life. Well, truth be known I think it is all your own perspective on how you see your life. I personally don't go and do these oh so exciting things outside my house. But inside my house, so much happens on a daily basis. Between baby fights, cranky times, dogs running playing and just everyone making a mess. Of course My life is exciting and unique in its own way. But, Why in the hell then do I feel like I have to compare my life to what I see others post? Then I started to wonder how many other people do this same exact thing and is it really mentally healthy for said people? How is it we as society have gone from comparing our lives by stories, materialistic items, and so forth to having technology put it right in everyone's face. How many of these people who have so much fun and live such exciting lives that are displayed, really live that way every single day. Or is it all a front because they see it from others and then making it a pissing contest? I think it is more then likely all above, another way for humans to compare themselves to the peers on their news feed. Which is really daunting. I doubt this concept is a hard one to understand. We know and have heard the stories of kids bullying others through this very source. I would like to believe good things can be done with Facebook, as I am a admin for a dog rescue group and have seen the impacts of it having a page. Getting the word out of dogs who need forever homes, groups that have been hit by tornados that received a out pouring of help and so on. In these cases I do believe good can be done on fb. I'm just personally tired of seeing all smiles, sun shining rainbows, and bull**it that doesn't really exist in everyday life, being displayed as if it is real life for everyone. I'm Tired of seeing people gloat about how blissful their life is everyday, what they are eating tonight and what new items (toys) they have acquired. I think in a general sense fb has become a public display of a pissing contest. That reaches far and wide. People should be very careful of the impact of this for the generations now and to come. Just my 2 sense which may not be anything.

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