Thursday, May 16, 2013

Food for thought

I posted on my Facebook page a valid question yesterday. Or at least I thought it was. "Is it fair of us parents to put our children's pictures up on the Internet, (Facebook, twitter.etc). Some of them have no idea what the Internet is. People preach all the time that what is posted on the Internet fallows you your whole life. However we are already giving our children a Internet persona before they understand the concept of the Internet. We live more in it then they do. They actually are only living in the moment. Something I think most people have forgot or just don't know how to." I really think that is a real question we need to all be asking ourselves as parents. I know that I will still post pictures of my son on my Facebook page for the fact that there are relatives that do not live around us and this is a way for them to see him grow. I guess I will also wait for the time when he gets older and I say this statement to him, "Be careful son of what you are putting on the internet because it will fallow you." and always think to myself that I am being a complete hypocrite for saying this to him. Knowing that I have already put him in the internet world without his permission or understanding. Then there is the second issue to address. I do think that technology is a great thing. But, do we all live more on the internet then in the world we really live in? You all know you see the people on facebook who want to either put their sad stories or what going on in their lives to gain a reaction for others in one way or another. What happen to the times when you picked up the phone and called your friends to speak about your life without a like button? When did we stop living life to live in the internet world and can this be dangerous to the future? Like I said all food for thought, something to ponder as life changes, people evolve and the technology progresses.

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