Saturday, March 6, 2010

Text message

I get this text message last night from a friend in the process of divorcing her soon to be ex-husband. Here is what the text message said, "If I came get you will you come over here. I want to have some guys from work come over and I can't be alone in the house wiht them alone, per my laywer." So, how would that make you feel? I don't feel like I was invited becuase someone wanted to hang out with me? I feel like I was just spouse to be there because I was just a female body. I didn't do it. But this is kinda bothering me today. To know that I am always there for my friends becuase I love them, not to be used like a human body. Time to evaluate friendships and what is important to me.

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Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Ok, I know who you're talking about and that's not cool. Get your divorce and then do your hanging out with guys from work. Don't use your friends for that kinda shit.