Thursday, March 11, 2010


Motivation is a very funny thing. It comes and it goes. sometimes you can't find it and others it hits you in a instant that you have to jump up and do something. I seem to have had a lack of it since I was let go from my job. But, I do have spurts of it. I asked a friend to day, what motivates people to get up today and start moving if they have no idea what they are moving towards. I have no children, so there is no motivation to take care of another human. I have no job, so I have no reason to get up and go anywhere. I have no money so there is no motivation for going shopping and getting something new. I swear if it were not for my dogs and them making me get out of bed I wonder if I would try to sleep a whole day away.
I think the only thing that has helped me is these two factors, money is running out so I have to find a job. The weather getting nice also makes me want to get out of the house, so that helps too. My question is what motivates you if you have nothing to be motivated about/

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