Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Men Suck

Im going to take a min of my work time to vent on the stupidity of all men. I think I have become a feminist. In the past week every guy that at one point was close to me has stabbed me in my back and left me to die. I have nothing but hate in my heart right now for all men. It is like something has finally snapped inside me and I dont want to be near any, talk to any and dont want to help any. I had a friend who got mad at me because I would not allow him to borrow money. Your a MAN, Get your own money. Because I chose not to give him the money he talked really bad to me and went out of his way to start a whole bunch of shit in my life. Then there is another one who decided he was going to Start fixing my car, and guess what got mad because he had no help and left. Left the car with part of the engine sitting in my yard.
It seems men have become very lazy and expect us as woman to do everything without busting their ego's, I say hell SCREW YOU AND YOUR EGO!!
Everytime I have fallen in life I have picked myself up and kept going. So why cant you not do the same? Everytime I have needed something I have went out and worked for it myself. Everytime some one has needed something from me I have went out of my way to help. But NOT ONE TIME, did I EVER throw it in their face.
There is a whole bunch more I could say, but as you can tell I am very angry right now. I cant change it as quick as I would like to but, this just gives me more motavation to take charge and take care of my life while busting balls along the way. I will write more later. I love you all, hugs and kisses.


Rachel said...

Has something else happened? When we talked last night, you seemed ok.

Sherry said...

I sure hope things start looking up for you soon and you start seeing the brighter side of life.
Rachel is there for you I can tell from her comments. Wish I was closer to you, dang the miles between us.

Kelly said...

I hope your doing ok....I so agree with you on the men suck thing. Personally I think they are scared of us women who can fend for ourselves and are independent and rely on them. Hang in there....

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be Tink.
I agree with you and your friends. Men can be (and are) such jerks toward us at times, and then they wonder why so many women become lesbians and leave them for other women. If they really want the answer to their question 'why did you leave me'? all they have to do is LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

I have been away from the blog for a long time as well, but I am trying to manage my time better so that I will be able to kepp my blog updated more often.

Hope that you are doing ok now.

Have a blessed weekend. Be safe.