Friday, October 31, 2008


I know I haven't blogged in a while but so much is going on in my life right now. Not good things either. I have become very depressed with life and my life and everything in it. I have tried and tried to pull myself out of this hole but the more I try to get out the deeper in I fall. I have gotten to the point of not wanting to wake up, not wanting to go anywhere, not wanting to do anything. I haen't been like this in so many years, Im not sure why I am like this. Yes my car broke down and still is not fixed. My boss is the biggest bitch / lier I have ever encountered, so my job is horrible right now. My house is still in disaray because I cant bring myself to do shit with it. the people who have helped me are not throwing it in my face as if I like to ask any one for help. It just is shit on top of more shit. I can careless if I wake up each morning. I can careless if the sun rises and the sun sets. I can careless if my house is never put together, I can careless if I lose my job. I know this is not the normal happy blog. But not everyday is happy, not everyday can you be optimistic about everything. This is just raw truth with the way I feel. I hope everyone is doing better then I am. I will try to blog again when Im happy or when life is better. Until then I hope everyone enjoys what you have.


Sherry said...

Oh I am so sorry you are so down, well actually flat out depressed. Maybe you should see a doctor and they can help you start seeing the up side of life. I know it can't be easy, I don't know what all is going on except for what you write. Just know I am here if you just want to vent, and if you think it will help.
I am praying for you, I know how hard and difficult life can be, trust me there. You do have a "friend in me" okay?

Rachel said...

We are going to have a happy day on Saturday. We are gonna talk about all this shit that you're dealing with and figure out a way to get through it. Even if it takes a while.

Love you bunches!


Sherry said...

Thinking about you, hope you are feeling better!! Remember I am here and sound like you and Rachel are going to have a good time or all ready did on the weekend!!!

Kelly said...

OH Cindi - I'm so sorry your going through this. I have been there...and I still have bad days! Have you gone to see your doctor to help you get through this hard time? Maybe go talk with someone? Know I am here for you if you need to talk. You can email me anytime..and I will also email you my number if you want..let me know. You can call day or night..I'm a good listener.

I hope you are doing ok...Don't stop talking whether it's on here, or to Rachel or to anyone...keep the communication helps! {HUGS}

Fairyfaye said...

Sorry to hear about your mood. I understand what you are going through. I've been feeling the same way. Maybe it's something in the air :)... sorry, couldn't help myself.

I hope you start feeling better!