Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My sisters IUD story

If you have a weak stomach please don't look at the pictures that follow.

I am writing this as my way of preventing another woman from going through what I just did. Please pass this info on to other women and guys you too, don't be shy to help out a friend.

In October of 2007 after the birth of my baby, I decided to get the IUD/IUC (birth control) inserted. My thought was I wouldn't have to remember to take the pill and I wouldn't have to deal with the side effects from them any longer.
So, at my 6 week check up I talked to the Dr. about it and a few weeks later I was in the office again to get it done. I was left in a room to look over the brochure and then the nurse handed me a paper saying these are the side effects, I didn't sign it cause I wanted to hear about a few things first. So, I told her that and she said in order to get it done we need to have you sign and the Dr. would go over it with me when she got in the room. I Remember thinking as I read over the info that it was kind of scary.

I asked the Dr. about the part where it says there is a 1 in 10,000 chance it could get embedded in the uterus. She said there was a risk but has never had anyone have a problem
and I'd be fine. A few more questions and I was on the table ready to get it done. My heart pounding and a sinking feeling of concern I almost said no. But she pushed it and said that I'd be covered right afterwards to have sex again. Hmmm, need I say more?

I have to say it did not feel good at all. They have to induce you to get it done. OUCH!! I was told to take something for pain because I'd be having cramping and some spotting. I did that and a few days later I felt a sharp pain and called her right away. She said it's normal and to come back in 2 weeks for a follow up to make sure it's in the right spot. I did and she did the exam, couldn't find it. No string, no IUD.

She said it must have fallen out. I told her it didn't, but she insisted it had and I didn't notice it. WHAT the FREAK? I was mad and told her to check again and she did nothing. Dr. said it fell out, common. I got pissed and said it didn't fall out, I think I would notice something in the toilet like that.

She did an ultrasound and faintly seen it, but it wasn't visible. I was told to come back in a week for an internal ultrasound. I did and they couldn't see it. Again she was pushing me and I got upset, saying it did not fall out and I'm hurting, please do whatever you can to find it. She sent me to get an x-ray. Guess what? It was in my still and not embedded in my uterus, it was in my abs somewhere.

I went back one week later and she said it's there and we need to do surgery to get it out, but I don't do surgery you'll have to go to another DR. for that and then she gave me a hug and said , "I'm sorry this is happening to you.".. I just looked at her and wanted to body slam her right then and there. Yeah you're sorry, but I was crazy to think it didn't fall out. Yeah ok....

I got a number to another Dr. and made an appt. Seen here and she said I'd have to have a Laparoscopy surgery that is where they use a light-transmitting instrument to view the pelvic organ. The thing that has lights and they are able to make 2 small cuts to see inside the body.

She said it would take over 30 days to schedule and go through the insurance. I agreed to get it done asap. I left so upset, and confused.

Two months later I still didn't hear from the Dr. who was to perform the surgery, so I called and made sever attempts to discuss what was going on, no return call. SO, I finally called my sponsor at the insurance company.

They were so upset that they appointed a Navy Officer to oversee my case as an URGENT patient. I talked to them all for about a few weeks and got a new Dr. who seen me, did a few more tests like another x-ray, a Sonohysterography, It's where they take a saline infused image of the uterus and uterine cavity using ultrasonography while sterile saline is instilled into the uterine cavity. YEAH---Not fun. I think I cried a little.

It was there still, so I was scheduled for surgery on December 26th 2007. Boy was I relieved. FINALLY got someone to listen to me and take care of it.

I had surgery, woke up and was told they couldn't find it. It had moved and they searched without seeing it.

If I wasn't doped up I'd of screamed. After healing from the 2 little scars I had due to that surgery, I had to go back for more tests.
I had to have a Hysteroscopy, a way to look in the uterus. It's a thin, telescope-like device that is inserted into the uterus internally. They couldn't see it.
Then I had another one that hurt like heck, Hysterosalpingogram inject you with dye in the uterus, it flows through the fallopian tubes and uterus.
Since I was trying to keep calm as the dye they injected me with took its course, I said hey isn't that it there?

Sure enough there it was. It had gone from in front (center) to the left by my hip bones. He took sever pics of it and had me go get an x-ray right away. I did and asked the girl taking the x-ray where it was, it had moved to right above my hip bones and under my ribs.

Mind you it started in the front of my body where the uterus lies to the center again. So for an entire year I've been dealing with pain and it moving to hear it moved again.

Appt for surgery was set and on September 17th, 2008; I went in. I woke up and heard they got it, I was so happy. Then he told me where they found it. It was wrapped up and tangled in my intestines. It poked a hole in the fat that lines the intestines, so when they removed it they stitched that up. That is probably why it kept moving. But, I am now IUD free. I also have a nice 6 inch scar on my lower abs. How nice is that 3 kids later, no c-sections and NOW, I get a scar?
But here it the kicker, it wasn't done nice and neat, no I have to get used to it and hope to get someone to cover it up with a new tattoo....

So please if you hear anyone talking about getting one, please pass on my story. Sorry it was so long, but there is so much info to this.
I've looked online and seen countless problems with this brand and others. Not good.

Thanks for reading.

Here is a picture of the Mirena IUD:

Here is what it looked like when they found it:


Rachel said...

Damn! I am so glad your sister finally got it taken care of. I have an IUD, as you know, but I do not have that one. I have the paraguard which, technically, is an IUC. Luckily, I have had zero problems with it.

I also did lots of thinking and reading before I decided to get one and I was still pretty scared.

Sherry said...

OMG your poor sister what she had to endure before they found that IUD. Oh that nurse from her first doctor, beside manner zilch, none, not there , gone!! I was so angry reading all she went through and being military and on their ins I understand why it took so long too.
I am so glad it's out and she is okay, that's the bottom line.

The Khang said...

sorry, i'm not clear about IUD. what's that all about? what is the purpose to do IUD? why? can someone tell me?

Fairyfaye said...

OMG! I'm sorry to hear about that. I've thought about the IUDs, but I still never thought that they were that good of an idea. I'm always hesitant about things that have to stay in your body. I'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with that!

annette said...

Hi,I hope you are doing ok now.
I have seen this sort of thing happening too often on my mirena help site,Mirena should be taken off the market.
I had it for over 4 years and had bad side effects as have thousands of other women.
I hopeyou dont mind but I put your blog on my help site for other Mirena sufferers to read,please feel free to have a look at all the other horror stories on my site below,All the best,Net.

Lori said...

I hope your sister is suing the asses off those doctors ... she has a huge case for malpractice several times over ...

Kimberly said...

What happened to your sister is unfortunate. But what you have on your hands is a lawsuit. Don't worry about "hurting the doctor's feelings." They pay for insurance, and it's the insurance company that pays out. They will clean up the hack job on your sister, and her kids and their kids will be well taken care of for awhile.

It seems from the description that the Mirena IUD was improperly placed in the uterus and THIS is the cause for lawsuit. She only has a year to get this taken care of and then the statute of limitations runs out in your state. Good luck, and don't let THAT DOCTOR insert another IUD into another woman. She's an OBVIOUS imposter that probably went to med school in a 3rd world country, and shouldn't be allowed to practice on women.

naim said...

If you know that that doctor could lawfully be sued for malpractice you should also be careful in describing doctors from third world countries to should not practice on women in USA. These things can happen with any doctor. I am not defending doctors in general but also we should avoid blaming doctors on all problems folowing from their practicing medicine.

amandarichert said...
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amandarichert said...

Thank you SO much for sharing your story. I am going through something like that right now. They have done two ultrasounds and said it is NOT there... my doc agrees and said you would know if it fell out (I had one removed already and it hurt SOOO bad, I think I would know if it "fell" out) The doctor was just going to drop it at they dont know where it went but its not in me. People think I am crazy that I keep pushing this but I KNOW my body and I KNOW something isnt right. You gave me a slight bit of hope that I am NOT crazy!!

Me said...

Amanda you are not crazy. And don't let them make you think you are. We as woman know our bodies since we do live in them everyday. Doctors do not live in us so they cannot tell you, you are wrong. I will suggest you find a different doctor that will listen to your concerns. We always have the choice to change doctors we owe them nothing. But we are paying s so they owe us the proper service.

Mandif said...

Hiya Ladies,this is happening all to often.I am sorry to hear your problems also i have my own story too!! I had Mirena fitted in oct 03 at my 6wk check.It was very painfull,lots of ibuprofen and rest after.Periods ceased and it was really good.Unfortunately i had breast cancer in 2006 which was hormone positive,which means the Mirena should have been taken out,but at that time i wasnt told and was not aware of that at the time.In 2007 a year before it was due to be removed i couldnt feel my strings and went to nurse who comfirmed this.She sent me then to the gyno at our hospital who performed a vaginal ultrasound and couldnt find it.He done alot of pulling at my skin and made me bleed and all he said was "oops that was not the coil must have been your skin."The said no its not in there it must have expelled.Never thought about nothing else and went home.Then this year in August had a xray on my hips and low and behold it was there to the left side under my ribs.How it got there i dont know.But i do know i have had lots of pains but just put that down to normal tummy ache.The doctor asked if i had been bunji jumping lol.Was funny at the time : ) I now have been told i need laporoscopic surgery in early dec.I cannot believe the doctor at the hospital didnt send me for xray then and maybe it would have been found earlier.Dont know what damage it has done either.I wish everyone luck and i will never have another IUD again!!take care ladies.will let you know what happens : )