Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hard Times

It seems as if everyone around me is having a hard time in life right now, Im no exception to this right now either. Last Friday, My ex-landlord to which I had it out with stole my boyfriends check form the mail box and won't give it up. I called the police and they told me it is just better to have a new one issued to him vs having the police get involved. So that will be another two weeks before he even gets it. Then as I am driving home from work my car breaks down. The engine has to be replaced. This is the second Crysler that I have had that has needed a new engine put into it. I am lucky though because I have really good friends that have been helping me get back and forth from work. Then on Friday night one of my stupid cats ran away. By the end of the night I was completly done. I felt depleted and like the whole freaking world was against me.
On satuarday I woke up and tried to look at the good side of everything, if there even was one. At least my car broke down on the way home from work on Friday. At least I didn't have to go anywhere over the weekend. At least I was stuck at home since I still had a lot of stuff to unpack and rooms to still paint. I didnt get board, until sunday night. I keep trying to be very optimistic about everything.
At the same time Im not really happy right now. I have to keep my head up though because what does not break me will only make me stonger. Then I question too how strong is a person suposed to be? I guess I will also figure that put in time. I hope everyone has a super great day. Hugs N Kisses.


Sherry said...

You need a huge hug, so here ya go, consider yourself hugged.
Seems like everything happens at once doesn't it? It is hard to keep looking on the brighter side of things but I know you have the strength to do it, to carry on and get through this.
If only we lived closer, I would help you paint, loan you my car and let you vent and just let it all out. You can still do that in emails and your blog!!!!
Your ex landlord sucks big time, the thief. And the cops, come on, stealing from a mailbox is a Federal Offense, what's the deal with them. Now that made me extremely angry, grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I hope your week is going better and soon things will whip into shape and you can smile and carry on. The most important question you asked "just how much does one have to handle" is the most asked question in the world I think. You are strong, you are a good person and you will get past this, keep your chin up and remember you have tons of friend on here to help you vent.

Rachel said...

You know I ask myself that question all the time too. I am so sorry that you've been dealt all this shit at once! I know Chris had been giving you a ride home from work and he is having to turn his rental car in today. I guess he will find out today if his truck is ready. Anyway, if it's not and you need a ride next week, let me know and I'll be glad to help.

Who ran away, Tom or Jerry?? Did he come back?

I've been wondering what happened with the check.


Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be.
OMG! You poor thing. Sherry is right though, you should report your landlord to the Postal Police. It is a federal crrime to tamper with someone else's mail or mailbox.

I hhope that everything works out for you. I am sure it will. I will say a special prayer for you both.

Good luck. And here is yet anotther big big hug from me.

Kelly said...

I hate days like the one you had. Seems like when one things goes wrong everything does. Been there done that! As for how strong one is? Hell I have no idea..because it sure is hell isn't me! I broke down and well then everything went to hell! I hope things are better! Sorry I've been a slacker writing comments and reading! {HUGS}

Sherry said...

Hope you are doing okay, it's been awhile since you have posted so I just worry about you!!!!