Friday, October 31, 2008


I know I haven't blogged in a while but so much is going on in my life right now. Not good things either. I have become very depressed with life and my life and everything in it. I have tried and tried to pull myself out of this hole but the more I try to get out the deeper in I fall. I have gotten to the point of not wanting to wake up, not wanting to go anywhere, not wanting to do anything. I haen't been like this in so many years, Im not sure why I am like this. Yes my car broke down and still is not fixed. My boss is the biggest bitch / lier I have ever encountered, so my job is horrible right now. My house is still in disaray because I cant bring myself to do shit with it. the people who have helped me are not throwing it in my face as if I like to ask any one for help. It just is shit on top of more shit. I can careless if I wake up each morning. I can careless if the sun rises and the sun sets. I can careless if my house is never put together, I can careless if I lose my job. I know this is not the normal happy blog. But not everyday is happy, not everyday can you be optimistic about everything. This is just raw truth with the way I feel. I hope everyone is doing better then I am. I will try to blog again when Im happy or when life is better. Until then I hope everyone enjoys what you have.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hard Times

It seems as if everyone around me is having a hard time in life right now, Im no exception to this right now either. Last Friday, My ex-landlord to which I had it out with stole my boyfriends check form the mail box and won't give it up. I called the police and they told me it is just better to have a new one issued to him vs having the police get involved. So that will be another two weeks before he even gets it. Then as I am driving home from work my car breaks down. The engine has to be replaced. This is the second Crysler that I have had that has needed a new engine put into it. I am lucky though because I have really good friends that have been helping me get back and forth from work. Then on Friday night one of my stupid cats ran away. By the end of the night I was completly done. I felt depleted and like the whole freaking world was against me.
On satuarday I woke up and tried to look at the good side of everything, if there even was one. At least my car broke down on the way home from work on Friday. At least I didn't have to go anywhere over the weekend. At least I was stuck at home since I still had a lot of stuff to unpack and rooms to still paint. I didnt get board, until sunday night. I keep trying to be very optimistic about everything.
At the same time Im not really happy right now. I have to keep my head up though because what does not break me will only make me stonger. Then I question too how strong is a person suposed to be? I guess I will also figure that put in time. I hope everyone has a super great day. Hugs N Kisses.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My sisters IUD story

If you have a weak stomach please don't look at the pictures that follow.

I am writing this as my way of preventing another woman from going through what I just did. Please pass this info on to other women and guys you too, don't be shy to help out a friend.

In October of 2007 after the birth of my baby, I decided to get the IUD/IUC (birth control) inserted. My thought was I wouldn't have to remember to take the pill and I wouldn't have to deal with the side effects from them any longer.
So, at my 6 week check up I talked to the Dr. about it and a few weeks later I was in the office again to get it done. I was left in a room to look over the brochure and then the nurse handed me a paper saying these are the side effects, I didn't sign it cause I wanted to hear about a few things first. So, I told her that and she said in order to get it done we need to have you sign and the Dr. would go over it with me when she got in the room. I Remember thinking as I read over the info that it was kind of scary.

I asked the Dr. about the part where it says there is a 1 in 10,000 chance it could get embedded in the uterus. She said there was a risk but has never had anyone have a problem
and I'd be fine. A few more questions and I was on the table ready to get it done. My heart pounding and a sinking feeling of concern I almost said no. But she pushed it and said that I'd be covered right afterwards to have sex again. Hmmm, need I say more?

I have to say it did not feel good at all. They have to induce you to get it done. OUCH!! I was told to take something for pain because I'd be having cramping and some spotting. I did that and a few days later I felt a sharp pain and called her right away. She said it's normal and to come back in 2 weeks for a follow up to make sure it's in the right spot. I did and she did the exam, couldn't find it. No string, no IUD.

She said it must have fallen out. I told her it didn't, but she insisted it had and I didn't notice it. WHAT the FREAK? I was mad and told her to check again and she did nothing. Dr. said it fell out, common. I got pissed and said it didn't fall out, I think I would notice something in the toilet like that.

She did an ultrasound and faintly seen it, but it wasn't visible. I was told to come back in a week for an internal ultrasound. I did and they couldn't see it. Again she was pushing me and I got upset, saying it did not fall out and I'm hurting, please do whatever you can to find it. She sent me to get an x-ray. Guess what? It was in my still and not embedded in my uterus, it was in my abs somewhere.

I went back one week later and she said it's there and we need to do surgery to get it out, but I don't do surgery you'll have to go to another DR. for that and then she gave me a hug and said , "I'm sorry this is happening to you.".. I just looked at her and wanted to body slam her right then and there. Yeah you're sorry, but I was crazy to think it didn't fall out. Yeah ok....

I got a number to another Dr. and made an appt. Seen here and she said I'd have to have a Laparoscopy surgery that is where they use a light-transmitting instrument to view the pelvic organ. The thing that has lights and they are able to make 2 small cuts to see inside the body.

She said it would take over 30 days to schedule and go through the insurance. I agreed to get it done asap. I left so upset, and confused.

Two months later I still didn't hear from the Dr. who was to perform the surgery, so I called and made sever attempts to discuss what was going on, no return call. SO, I finally called my sponsor at the insurance company.

They were so upset that they appointed a Navy Officer to oversee my case as an URGENT patient. I talked to them all for about a few weeks and got a new Dr. who seen me, did a few more tests like another x-ray, a Sonohysterography, It's where they take a saline infused image of the uterus and uterine cavity using ultrasonography while sterile saline is instilled into the uterine cavity. YEAH---Not fun. I think I cried a little.

It was there still, so I was scheduled for surgery on December 26th 2007. Boy was I relieved. FINALLY got someone to listen to me and take care of it.

I had surgery, woke up and was told they couldn't find it. It had moved and they searched without seeing it.

If I wasn't doped up I'd of screamed. After healing from the 2 little scars I had due to that surgery, I had to go back for more tests.
I had to have a Hysteroscopy, a way to look in the uterus. It's a thin, telescope-like device that is inserted into the uterus internally. They couldn't see it.
Then I had another one that hurt like heck, Hysterosalpingogram inject you with dye in the uterus, it flows through the fallopian tubes and uterus.
Since I was trying to keep calm as the dye they injected me with took its course, I said hey isn't that it there?

Sure enough there it was. It had gone from in front (center) to the left by my hip bones. He took sever pics of it and had me go get an x-ray right away. I did and asked the girl taking the x-ray where it was, it had moved to right above my hip bones and under my ribs.

Mind you it started in the front of my body where the uterus lies to the center again. So for an entire year I've been dealing with pain and it moving to hear it moved again.

Appt for surgery was set and on September 17th, 2008; I went in. I woke up and heard they got it, I was so happy. Then he told me where they found it. It was wrapped up and tangled in my intestines. It poked a hole in the fat that lines the intestines, so when they removed it they stitched that up. That is probably why it kept moving. But, I am now IUD free. I also have a nice 6 inch scar on my lower abs. How nice is that 3 kids later, no c-sections and NOW, I get a scar?
But here it the kicker, it wasn't done nice and neat, no I have to get used to it and hope to get someone to cover it up with a new tattoo....

So please if you hear anyone talking about getting one, please pass on my story. Sorry it was so long, but there is so much info to this.
I've looked online and seen countless problems with this brand and others. Not good.

Thanks for reading.

Here is a picture of the Mirena IUD:

Here is what it looked like when they found it:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old House

Okay everyone I know this is going to be a little disturbing but, here we go. Yes everyone knows I have been and did find a new home. One more suitable for me and my family. The old house was so bad that I took pictures of it to cover my butt. Because my old land lord is saying she is going to take me to court. But I will get to that at a later date. I am really embarrassed to put these up but just tell me what you think.
My Moldy Nine West Shoe
The shower that was never fixed
The hole behind my shower in my closet
Upstairs attic that was falling in
Huge crack under front window
In the Kitchen Leaking water.

There are so many many more pictures. But I am the bad tenant. Really please I cannot tell. I am happy to say all things have been moved out and to my new house. I still have a long way to go, but it is finally out of there. I hope everyone is doing good.