Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here and running.

I have been so so busy lately trying to get everything ready to move. I will be doing it in the next week. I have stripped wall paper, painted and painted. Now I have been in the process of packing my other house up.
I have been stresses out by work, the pressure because of the economi is unreal. I dont know why business owners think that people are willing to give money away. Then when I say well, it will get worst before it gets better everyone tells me no. We will see.
Now, last week I got home from work and my dogs were ready to run out the door, I thought they really had to go to the bathroom. So upon walking into the house I noticed that the cats took off to. Now, at this time I have hardwood floors in my house, I seen water a lot of water on the floor. So, I kept walking, I noticed glass all over the floor, and rocks. My damn animals knocked my fish off of his table. I was cleaning it all up in the hopes of finding him. I knew he would be dead after being out of water that long. But guess what I never found him. Someone ate him. I was so very upset. Every animal in my house got their butts wooped. I was so mad, it's like having a bunch of unrulie kids.
That is to the extent of what has been going on in my life lately. I hope everyone else is doing good. HUGS & KISSES.


Rachel said...

Oh noes! The fishie! Bad babies!

I totally agree with you. It WILL get worse before it gets better. I have been dealing with this shit for the last two weeks. I work in the finance industry and it's like every day there is something else happening. I have been so stressed with all this crap too. Moving soon!! I know you're excited, I can't wait to see the new house!

Sherry said...

Oh not they ate your fish??? YIKES!!! And see they all knew they were in trouble huh? Sorry they did that those kids!!!!
You have been super busy I wish I was closer cause I would be there in a flash to help you out. Moving is hard work and you are preparing one house and cleaning and packing the other, my gosh girl!!!
I agree with this Wall St business, it is going to get worse and it's scary in a way. I know eventually months, years who know it will be good but in the meantime us poor peons suffer!!!
Slow down take a deep breath and soon you will be settled in your new home.