Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little Help Maybe

So, I have been working on my new house, tring to pack the other house and working so everything lately has been super crazy and busy.
I came to work yesterday morning and there were two puppies outside, I knew they were not even a year old yet. A lot of people around here were scared and would not go by them. So me being who I am I went to them. They were both females that were just real lovers, and didn't want anything other then attention. The receptionist had called animal control to come pick them up. I told everyone if they would let me I would take them home until I could find them a home, I hate animal control. The maintance men came to get the dogs to put them up until animal control came. I told the guy Jody if they are going to put them to sleep DO NOT let them leave here. I will take them home. I can not deal with babies being put to sleep. So, when the person came to get them they told him, "They are no longer a kill sheltor." So he let them go. I called and the lady who answered the phone told me if no one came to clam them in the next three days they WOULD put them to sleep. I asked her if I could leave my # with them and if no one claimed them then I would come back to get them. She told me I could not do that. I would have to come down there and fill out a adoption sheet for them. I went home last night had conversations with people, cried about it and so on. I really had it set in my head I was going to let it go, I already have 2 dogs and 2 cats and really cannot take in anymore animals.
I woke up this morning and could not get it all out of my mind. Some how as I was driving on my lunch break today I ended up at the sheltor. I went inside and waited to see if I could put my name on them so that way they would not be put to sleep. I figure even if I didnt get them then they would still have some more time to find a home then if they were put to sleep. They lady at the front desk was rude and was not helpful at all. She said she did not know if they had them, she said she was not sure if they came in. The security guy was helping me though. He asked this other guy to help me, he said he could not because he was busy. I was the only one in there and I wish I could tell someone where I woke Im busy I can't help you right now. Finally, the lady said just walk her throught there and see if she sees the dogs. Get their ID #'s. We walk thgough all these sad eyes and heavy hearts. I wish I could save them all. We were getting to the end and I finally seen them. I started to talk and they went crazy, I pet them got their little numbers and then filled out the paperwork to try to get them out of their jail sentance.
They are pit/lab mixes but their temperment is more like a lab then a pit. They said they would have to do a back ground check on me since you know they are part pits and we live in good ole' Memphis the pitbull fighting captial of America I swear. So now we will wait and see I already found one a home, I just need to find the other one a home.
I am only writting this because it just burns my ass how people do with animals. No human being in this world can love unconditionally. But Animals can. Because there are people on death row who have been there for years for killing others and have no real soul, yet they are fed and taken care of through our tax dollars. But a puppy who should have a chance of love in this world only has three days before it is put to sleep. Where are the minds of people in this world. I say put the killers on death row in a cage and have them wait to be killed. Im sorry I just love animals of all kinds there is not one animal in my house now that was not rescued from a sheltor or a life on the street. My girls are fixed, but the boys aren't(cats) but they never, and I do mean NEVER go outside. But they will be fixed to soon.
I know this has been long but this is pure thought running out of my head. I hope everyone else is doing good.


Sherry said...

First of all I am FUMING at the way the people at the animal shelter treated you!!! Secondly fuming at the way the take "care" of the animals. What gives them the right to play GOD and kill those poor helpless animals anyway? I so despise the animal sheters cause they are so fake.
I agree with you unconditional live is what you get from animals and only animals. Seems like humans always want something in return for their love, but not animals.
I too am an animal lover and all ours are hand me downs. Well my orange and black cats are the babies of a hand me down mama!!! :) I would take all of them in if I could.
Do you ever watch CMT? That ad with I think Sara McLaughlin about adopting animals just breaks my heart. I want to cry and call and adopt every single one of them.
Love you idea, put the ones on death row in the pound and let the animals live high off the hog in jail until they are adopted!!!
Hope all is going well w/ your move.

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be.

I hate rude people. Especially the ones who work in those shelters.

I am very sorry that you had to go through that with that woman.

I wish you luck in helping both those poor little dogs. You and I have something in common. Love of animals and a determination to help them.

The one cat I have is a rescue. I got her from a 'put down' shelter in Mississippi 2 1/2 years ago. My other 'babies' are strays that I keep in my back yard and feed on a regular basis.

My husband calls me 'Ellie Mae' (like from 'The Beverley Hillbillies') because I have so many 'critters'. LOL!

Anyway, good luck and keep up the good work.

CPA Mom said...

what a beautiful soul you have!