Monday, August 11, 2008

ah, the weekends gone.

I had a super weekend, it was very relaxing to say the least. No drama, No fights, No aggervations. It was almost perfect. The best part of this weekend was watching the openning cerimonies of the 2008 Olympics. Did y'all watch it? I know it looked awesome on T.V. I could only imagine what it would have been like to be there in person. The funniest part though is I have never really been into the Olympics, Never really watched it or cared to. But this year so far it is the only thing you will catch me watching. I'm definatly addicted.
Now to more sombering news, I loved Bernie Mac, and am very sad that he is no longer with us. I know we are born and we will leave this earth, but sometimes it feels as if the time people do have here is to short. Yes, they make a great impact, however how much more could the impact be if there time was not up. I hope that his family is doing well. I hope that all the prayers in the world bring some comfort to them in their time of greiving.
When I die, all everyone has to do is just throw a huge party. Just be happy that I am in a better place. Be happy that I got to live the life I did. I want there to be dancing and drinking, and just a huge party. No, tears just laughter. I will still be looking down at the world.
That was a lot more then I thought I had in my head to write. I hope this week is great for everyone, I hope that you all laugh, and smile and love the people surrounding you.
Kisses & Hugs.


Sherry said...

I didn't see the opening ceremonies. My sister was here visiting, we went to dinner the to my granddaughters play on Fri night.
I don't watch the summer Olympics but love the winter ones. But so glad you are enjoying them. The gymmastics are great I know that much but anything else, well mm I get way to restless hahaha.
So glad you had a good week end though, you deserved it. It's nice to have an "uneventful" one so relaxing can take priority.
Okay I will dance when you go, but from heaven cause you know I will go way before you!!!! :)
It was sad about Bernie Mac and the Issac Hayes geeze, two great men gone but heaven has recieved them so they are up there doing their thing!!!!
Have a great week.

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Had a pretty decent weekend myself.

Yes it is sad that 'Uncle bernie' is gone--it is equally sad that Memphis lost one of it's music legends--Isaac Hayes--who passed Sunday afternoon.

As for the Olympics--I still cannot get into them. I have tried, but always find myself falling asleep during them.

CPA Mom said...

I'm not watching the Olympics myself. Just no interest. I was in Sydney Australia for the 2000 Olympics - was actually there - and didn't go to even one event.

Un American I guess.