Thursday, May 23, 2013

How I really feel about Facebook

I think we have all been there, where you see all the exciting stuff that people post pictures of, or talk about. Then you sit and start to question your self, Am I living a exciting life? Then there is the comparing one life against another with of course judgment of your own life. Well, truth be known I think it is all your own perspective on how you see your life. I personally don't go and do these oh so exciting things outside my house. But inside my house, so much happens on a daily basis. Between baby fights, cranky times, dogs running playing and just everyone making a mess. Of course My life is exciting and unique in its own way. But, Why in the hell then do I feel like I have to compare my life to what I see others post? Then I started to wonder how many other people do this same exact thing and is it really mentally healthy for said people? How is it we as society have gone from comparing our lives by stories, materialistic items, and so forth to having technology put it right in everyone's face. How many of these people who have so much fun and live such exciting lives that are displayed, really live that way every single day. Or is it all a front because they see it from others and then making it a pissing contest? I think it is more then likely all above, another way for humans to compare themselves to the peers on their news feed. Which is really daunting. I doubt this concept is a hard one to understand. We know and have heard the stories of kids bullying others through this very source. I would like to believe good things can be done with Facebook, as I am a admin for a dog rescue group and have seen the impacts of it having a page. Getting the word out of dogs who need forever homes, groups that have been hit by tornados that received a out pouring of help and so on. In these cases I do believe good can be done on fb. I'm just personally tired of seeing all smiles, sun shining rainbows, and bull**it that doesn't really exist in everyday life, being displayed as if it is real life for everyone. I'm Tired of seeing people gloat about how blissful their life is everyday, what they are eating tonight and what new items (toys) they have acquired. I think in a general sense fb has become a public display of a pissing contest. That reaches far and wide. People should be very careful of the impact of this for the generations now and to come. Just my 2 sense which may not be anything.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Food for thought

I posted on my Facebook page a valid question yesterday. Or at least I thought it was. "Is it fair of us parents to put our children's pictures up on the Internet, (Facebook, twitter.etc). Some of them have no idea what the Internet is. People preach all the time that what is posted on the Internet fallows you your whole life. However we are already giving our children a Internet persona before they understand the concept of the Internet. We live more in it then they do. They actually are only living in the moment. Something I think most people have forgot or just don't know how to." I really think that is a real question we need to all be asking ourselves as parents. I know that I will still post pictures of my son on my Facebook page for the fact that there are relatives that do not live around us and this is a way for them to see him grow. I guess I will also wait for the time when he gets older and I say this statement to him, "Be careful son of what you are putting on the internet because it will fallow you." and always think to myself that I am being a complete hypocrite for saying this to him. Knowing that I have already put him in the internet world without his permission or understanding. Then there is the second issue to address. I do think that technology is a great thing. But, do we all live more on the internet then in the world we really live in? You all know you see the people on facebook who want to either put their sad stories or what going on in their lives to gain a reaction for others in one way or another. What happen to the times when you picked up the phone and called your friends to speak about your life without a like button? When did we stop living life to live in the internet world and can this be dangerous to the future? Like I said all food for thought, something to ponder as life changes, people evolve and the technology progresses.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2013 where did you come from?

I haven't wrote here in a long time. As I was getting ready for bed last night I thought to myself. Man so much has happen and so much is happening that I should blog it. Even if no one reads this at least it can be my own kind of journal. My oh my. Where Cindi DO you begin or where do you want to begin. I have been through so many changes in life. I am married, have a little Boy who is 16 months old, I'm a stay at home mom and I help with Dogs2ndChance dog rescue. We have 2 boy in the house everyday. One mine, one I watch, since he was 12 weeks old and is 6 weeks younger then my son. So that in its self can make for crazy days. Lets add though that we have 5 dogs that stay in the house. 3 are ours and 2 are fosters rescued straight from the street, by yours truly. 1 cat, that stays in one side of the house. My house is to say the least chaotic and wild at times. There always seems to be something going on or some major catastrophe that is happening or I'm trying to divert from in one way or another. There are a couple of real life lessons I have had to learn, which I can't quite put into words yet. I have so many opinions of things that are going on in this crazy world. I am blessed there is no doubt about that. However, my transition from the working world into marriage, pregnancy and staying home was very trying and hard at first. I was so used to fending for myself and making my own way. When my hubby and I decided that I would stay home it was so hard, mentally and emotionally. I'm sure I was not prepared for it. I felt useless, like I was not contributing to our lives financially and that was really hard. Being home and pregnant. Which I was sick and slept all the time made me feel completely and utterly useless. My hubby tried to comfort me and tell me repeatedly that I was making a baby and that was a job in itself. That didn't really help at first. I got over that in time and accepted his words as my own truth. With out his support I'm sure things for me mentally could have been a lot different. Then the birth or my son, which the story will be its own blog in it's self due to the stupidity of those in the hospital. Once home, I was not really sure what to do. I can say it was a lot easier when he and his friend were little. I found solace in the fact that I was helping raise and mold 2 little beings. At times tremendously hard and trying and still is. Then the multitude of dogs that came to our old house. The neighborhood doggies, I watched over feed and tried saving. A lot of time and effort was spent helping them. I did get a lot of them into rescue groups and ended up with 2 injured dogs that just walked into our house one day. With quick action and the right people I found a group that would pay the vet bills for them as long as we could foster. Which started my close relationship with Dogs2ndChance. Then there is my own personal spiritual journey. What I have learned and where I am compared to where I was. Everyone has their own journey and mine may not be the same as others. That's okay because it is mine alone. I cannot say I'm a Christian, Buddhist, Atheist or anything particular for that Fact. I am just on a journey. One saying I love is "I am not a human having a spiritual experience, but rather a soul having a human experience." I find this to be true and am trying everyday to see the bigger picture. Releasing old beliefs and trying to establish new ones. For myself the old ways no longer work. With all that being said. I want who ever reads this to know, that with social media the was it is now. Some I use and some I don't. I feel as if it is censored and people judge So I am here to say how I feel and How I see things in my own life and for any reason people do not like, my beliefs, ideas, or opinions then don't read this. Because I will say what I want to say how I want to say it. I guess that is all for now because I have to feed and getting my little ones down for a nap :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 What a year

I have done and been through so much this year. I have gotten married, lost a job and am having a baby. Ha, I started to read my blogs from before and wow, how things have changed.
I think it is funny to go back and read things that were going on at the time and compare to where I am today. I would never take back what was done to me because it helped me learn. I would never not want to live it again as long as I end up where I am today.
I have the most kind, loving and compassionate husband in the world, whom loves me so very much. We are having our first child together (keep in mine I am 31yrs old)A little boy who will be here before I even know it. He is due in January. It was all worth the pain and wait. I always thought I was destin for a crazy and painful life. But I didn't realize that I would have such a wonderful life if I just allowed myself to be open to it.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I know it has been a while since I have wrote on my blog. But so much has been going through my mind lately. So Here I am going to start writ ting on here again.

The first order of business, I met a lady today who has a greyhound she was telling me how she got him. His name is Texaco # (something). He was a dog that was raced at the Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis AR. This specific breed was breed just for one job only. They breed them and if they think the dog will not be able to race they automatically put them down. So the odds are against them at birth. They only find maybe one dog out of every two litters that they believe they can race. The rest are killed. Then once their racing life is over they drop them off at a shelter where they are more then likely put to sleep. To hear all of this just broke my heart. I cannot believe I didn't know this. I can't believe that we have this going on and no one is doing much to stop this from happening. People are not allowed to breed Pit bulls to fight. So why is it allowed to breed greyhounds only to run then get rid of them. I need to think about this one for a while and figure out what I might be able to do.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Motivation is a very funny thing. It comes and it goes. sometimes you can't find it and others it hits you in a instant that you have to jump up and do something. I seem to have had a lack of it since I was let go from my job. But, I do have spurts of it. I asked a friend to day, what motivates people to get up today and start moving if they have no idea what they are moving towards. I have no children, so there is no motivation to take care of another human. I have no job, so I have no reason to get up and go anywhere. I have no money so there is no motivation for going shopping and getting something new. I swear if it were not for my dogs and them making me get out of bed I wonder if I would try to sleep a whole day away.
I think the only thing that has helped me is these two factors, money is running out so I have to find a job. The weather getting nice also makes me want to get out of the house, so that helps too. My question is what motivates you if you have nothing to be motivated about/

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Text message

I get this text message last night from a friend in the process of divorcing her soon to be ex-husband. Here is what the text message said, "If I came get you will you come over here. I want to have some guys from work come over and I can't be alone in the house wiht them alone, per my laywer." So, how would that make you feel? I don't feel like I was invited becuase someone wanted to hang out with me? I feel like I was just spouse to be there because I was just a female body. I didn't do it. But this is kinda bothering me today. To know that I am always there for my friends becuase I love them, not to be used like a human body. Time to evaluate friendships and what is important to me.